NEHA(Nurture for Educational and Holistic Attainment) Foundation/Trust is registered under the Registration Act, 2012.
Following are the registration details:
State Code: HR
District Code: 018
Year Of Registration: 2012
Registration Number: 00124
Registered Address: Neha Foundation, Sir chhotu Ram Bhawan, Jharsa, Sec 32, Gurgaon, Haryana, 122001

Bank Account of Neha Foundation is with PNB, Sukhrali. Account Number of the bank account is 314500210017486

PAN Card Number of Neha Foundation is AABTN7197G
(a) The income and property of the Foundation shall be applied solely towards the promotion of the objects of the foundation as set forth in the memorandum of association and no portion there of shall be paid or transferred directly or indirectly to the member of the foundation.

(b) No member of the Foundation shall be appointed to any salaried office of the Foundation, no remuneration shall be given by the foundation to any member except honorarium to PA or repayment of out of pocket expenses and interest on money lent or rent for premises/ demarcated for the Foundation.

(c) The Foundation by its constitution is required to apply its profits, if any, or other income in promoting its objectives Interest occurring will be ploughed back into the accounts.

(d) If upon the winding up or dissolution of the Foundation, there remain any property, after payment of all debts and liabilities, the same shall not be paid or distributed among the member of the Foundation barring their original donation (without Interest) and shall be given or transferred To some other institution having objectives similar to those of the Foundation as determined by members of the Foundation at or before the time of dissolution.

(e) That the foundation will solve its problems at its own level. not responsible for the same.

(f) The management of the affairs of the Foundation is entrusted in accordance with the Rules and Regulations of the Foundation to a Governing Body of which the first member are:-

(g) We the persons, whose names, address are hereunder subscribed are desirous of being formed in to a Foundation in pursuance of this Memorandum of the association.



(a) Any person can Become member of the foundation is he/she is at least18 years of age.

(b) A member of the Foundation has to pay a subscription of 2100/ at the time of becoming a member of the Foundation. The members are free to donate amounts as follows:-

1 Honorary Member---------------------------------Nil
2 Founder Life Members---------------------------1, 00,000/-
3 Permanent Members for 5 years-----------11, 000/-
4 Ordinary Member -----------------------------------2100/-


The general body shall consist of minimum 11(Eleven) members and there shall be no limit for maximum numbers.

1 To hold election of member of the Managing committee once in three years.
2 To hold elections when a dire need arises other than (1) above (11) General management of the Foundation.
3  Passing of Budget in the annual meeting.


(A) The Managing Committee shall consist of minimum 7 (seven) members including the following office bearers but exclusive of patron.

(a) President(b) Vice President (c) Secretary
(d) joint Secretary (e) Cashier (f) Two Members

1 To hold election of the office bearers of the Managing Committee.
2 Management of the Foundation.
3 The Managing Committee can form different adhoc Sub Committees to look into various activates/programs organized by the Foundation and its branches. Every sub-committee will have minimum one Member from Managing Committee.
4 The Members of the managing Committee in general shall help the sub-committees in administrative plans for the activities/programs.
5 The Managing Committee shall mainly function as an advisory Board For the Management of The activities/Programs.


(aa) To Preside over the meetings and gathering of the Committee as well of the Foundation.
(ab) To conduct election and to declare the result of voting.
(ac) To determine the order of Priority when several Proposals are to be laid before the committee.
(ad) To confirm and approve the proceeding of the meetings.
(ae) To remove from a meeting a member for disorderly conduct.
(af)  The President in consultation with the Secretary shall have the power to remove from office, before the expire of his /her terms/member/members for activates Prejudicial to the interest of the Foundation.


Vice-President will exercise all the powers of the President In his/her absence/ill health. He/she will look after the works entrusted to him/her by the president and will assist the President In performing his/her duties.


(aa) To prepare agenda and notes there on for meeting and to issue notice for the meeting. To record the proceedings of the meeting and to get the same confirmed by the president.

(ab) To maintain all the registers and books as prescribed by the Foundation. To Check the monthly account, cash account and registers etc. maintained by the cashier of the Foundation.

(ac) The Secretary shall have the power to make the appointment of staff and termination of Managing Committee/President.

(ad) The President and cashier will jointly or separately operate the bank account, deposit, draw and invest money on behalf of the Foundation.


Joint Secretary will exercise all the power of the secretary in his absence. He/She will look after the works entrusted to him/her by the president. He/she will assist the President in performing his duties.


(aa) To maintain regular books of account as prescribed by The Foundation

(ab) To open and operate Bank/Post Office or any other account deposit, draw & invest money on behalf of the Foundation Jointly with the President and Secretary.

(ac) To Prepare annual Income & Expenditure account and Balance sheet and present the same before the managing Committee in its annual meeting and get it audited.

1 The President shall hold the annual meeting once in a calendar Year.
2 The Vice President shall hold the half yearly meetings twice in a year.

1 Special meetings or emergency meeting will be called whenever need arises.


(a) QUORUM:-
     The quorum For the Meeting Shall be 2/3rd Of total members.
     (1) The notices for general meeting will be sent to the member at least 10days before the meetings.
     (2) The notice for special or emergency meeting will be sent to the members at least 3 days before the           meetings.


(a) At the general annual meeting of the members of the Foundation all the members of the Managing Committee shall retire and new members shall be selected by the member of the Foundation (entitled to attend and vote at the meeting).

(b) The retiring members of the managing committee shall be eligible for re-election.

(c) The members of the managing Committee shall hold office for a term of Three year, which will be increased to five with the consent of the Managing Committee.

(7) FUND:-

The fund of the Foundation shall be deposited in a bank and the Bank Account will jointly or separately be operated by the President of the Foundation or his /her nominee. Foundation can take term loan from any bank and Private Loan for purchase of land, Vehicle etc., construction of Building and other needs of the Foundation.


The Foundation shall frame its own rules of business and may amend from time to time, alter or cancel them if necessary.


The Foundation can be dissolved if the general body of the Foundation passes Such resolution, Upon dissolution, the funds shall be disposed off as under:-

(a) MEMBERSHIP FEES AND DONATION:- Interest free amount be paid back to member after deducting 2100/-
(b) REMAINING FUNDS:- Transferred to any similar org for public welfare.

(10) GENERAL:-

(a) The following Circumstances shall Cause a vacancy in the Managing Committee:-
(1) Death of Member.
(2) Any member ceases to be a member of the Foundation, when either he/she has applied for the same.
(b) All the decision of the General Body Managing Committee shall be on the Majority of Votes. In case of tie, the President shall exercise his casting vote in addition to his/her ordinary vote.
(c) All the accounts of the foundation will be maintained under the Supervision of President of the Foundation.The cash will be handled by the cashier and the cash account will also be maintained by him/her.
(d) The accounts will be audited yearly by auditor specified by the Secretary or President in the general Body Meeting.
(e) The secretary shall make all correspondence with the Distt. Registrar, Gurgaon of Firms and Societies,Haryana and other such office on behalf of Foundation.
Certified that the above written rules, regulation and bye-laws were adopted in the meeting of the general house on 15Aug. 2012 in village Sanga and are in Conformity with the adopted bye-laws.